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Project description


6,860,000 SQM

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Urban planning, urban design, development strategy, architectural design

Commendation - Architectural Review MIPIM Future Projects 2010



Bouznika, Morocco

Constellation of communities


The project has a mixed use development program of 4 million sqm on 686 hectares to be built over 20 years. The majority of the development is comprised of 40,000 middle and lower-middle class residential units set in mixed use clusters of villages that in their aggregate create a diverse and sustainable urban environment, separated by rural corridors. Wind and solar energy is being incorporated from the outset to provide a share of new communities’ energy needs. A town centre with civic, educational and commercial activities is developed around the new railway station. A regional retail center along the highway will anchor local shops, souks and a farmers markets. Bio-corridors and interstitial agricultural areas between clusters will account for over 25% of the completed site. These agricultural sites will be provided to local residents adjacent to each community. The site benefits from a comfortable year round climate which will minimize the need for heating and cooling of structures.